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Stefano Terranova
Visual Artist/Graphic Designer

Working remotely from somewhere on this planet

Noisily Festival 2017


/Rocket Video Mapping Installation @ Noisily Festival 2017 I was asked by artist Emily Fryer to collaborate with her and anthropologist/artist Raffaella Moreira on a project for Noisily Festival 2017. Emily's art installation consisted of a retro-futuristic space rocket which could be opened and interacted with. Although the rocket was great [...]

The Advent LIVE


/the advent live - visual show Collaboration with YEAH studio and underground techno legend The Advent. I have designed the stage background and produced most of the visuals. I was also in charge of coming up with the most suitable technology solution within the available time and budget. I have then [...]

BLOOP 2016


/bloop festival 2016 It was a pleasure to work again with the BLOOP guys in Ibiza for the 2016 version of the festival. I was asked to coordinate the production of a series of posters, working alongside two young talented London based artists, Isabella Vento and Sam Finn . That year's festival's concept [...]



/loungedelic Loungedelic is a psychedelic surf rock band formed by Pippo de Palma [guitar], Tiago Dias [bass] and Nikolaj Bjerre [drums], based in London UK. I was involved with this instrumental band since very early, when I was asked to create visual projections and mix them during their live gigs [...]

Light & Shadow Body Patterns


/light & shadow body patterns Collaboration with Yeah Studio and photographer Giovanni Calemma. Yeah studio wanted some nude photos of a woman for a project but needed some ideas on how to approach the subject. I came up with the idea of projecting black and white patterns onto the [...]

Axiom Zero


/axiom zero Axiom Zero is an instrumental project by Nova (ultimae records) & Pippo De Palma (loungedelic). Their mix of live guitar (Pippo) and electronic sounds (Nova) offers some truly interesting and original musical landscapes. Check them out on their SoundCloud page: Axiom Zero on SoundCloud [...]

E5 Desk


/e5 desk Concept sketch and idea for the brand identity of E5 Desk, a desk space rental business in Hackney, East London. This concept was rejected in favour of another one.



/diskonnekt I was honoured to be part of the diskonnekt family from the very start. This instant-cult techno party in London was born from the creative minds and souls of talented DJs and producers Nuno Deconto and Giovanni Calemma. My contribution to this group of creative talents and party veterans consisted in [...]

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