/Rocket Video Mapping Installation @ Noisily Festival 2017

I was asked by artist Emily Fryer to collaborate with her and anthropologist/artist Raffaella Moreira on a project for Noisily Festival 2017.

Emily’s art installation consisted of a retro-futuristic space rocket which could be opened and interacted with. Although the rocket was great as it was, Emily wanted to add an extra layer for it to be better experienced during the night dark hours and so she asked me to video map the rocket.

It was my first collaboration with Emily and Raffaella and I hope there will be more in the future. We were all very pleased with the final result, especially considering that the budget for the video mapping was near to zero. I believe we all learned a lot from the experience and surely had a lot of fun in the process.

My part in the project consisted in setting up the whole video mapping equipment, cables and computer, and project my own video content, mixed live, onto the rocket. As a plus I made sure that all content projected was reacting to sound and music coming from the festival. The final result was supposed to be psychedelic, and I believe we totally achieved our goal on that one.

Watching people react and interact with the installation was very rewarding. Special thanks goes to all the Noisily Festival team for making it all happen and always being so helpful and with a smile.


Emily Fryer

Raffaella Moreira –¬†Website

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