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Loungedelic is a psychedelic surf rock band formed by Pippo de Palma [guitar], Tiago Dias [bass] and Nikolaj Bjerre [drums], based in London UK.
I was involved with this instrumental band since very early, when I was asked to create visual projections and mix them during their live gigs as Pippo wanted it to become an audio/visual project.
It was my first ever project as a VJ and marked the beginning of my lasting love story with the practice.
The acclaimed audio/visual performances quickly earned positive feedback among the audience, no less because of the talent and virtuosity of the musicians which involves a good dose of live improvisation.
After starting as the VJ I have then designed and continue to be in charge of the whole image of the band and also created the artwork and designed the box for their first album “Horse Riding to Jupiter” which came out early 2017 on Green Queen Music and produced by Gaudi.

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