I am a visual artist, graphic designer and art director

I have a passion for researching complex concepts and transform them into impactful visual entities. I particularly like the process of subtraction, to remove all that is redundant until no more elements can be discarded and only the essence is left. For this reason I love the challenges of designing logos and visual identities as well as creating posters as an artform

In the past couple of years I have been delving into visual projections and video mapping, often under the name of TeleNova. I am particularly interested in real-time, reactive generative graphics and enjoy matching and mixing visuals with live and electronic music

Past experiences include working for Disney Interactive, generating new ideas for videogames and creating concept artworks for in-house game pitches

An inquisitive mind and passion for traveling made me abandon corporate jobs and embrace the freedom and challenges of being a freelance digital nomad, cruising the planet while working remotely

I love new experiences, imagine the future, psychedelia in all its forms & shapes and I am naturally attracted to anything that’s unconventional, whatever that means

I have an addiction to ice lollies